The Builder's Operating System


The Builder's Operating System

Erin Kirk

The Builder’s Operating System

BuilderOS is an all-in-one workspace (built in Notion) that helps startup founders and indie hackers launch and grow their companies, from LLC. to Inc.

Why BuilderOS?

I’ve built 3 startups, been early at many more, and my newsletter, Start Something, covers indie hacking, startups, and venture capital (seed to early-stage). In it, I talk with founders, investors, and solopreneurs working on really cool things around the world. I believe the time is now for impact, and if I can teach someone how to streamline building their passion project, that’s a win for me.

You'll benefit from this if:

• You're independently building a business (or businesses). 

• You're planning to start or grow a new business.

• You want to track your team’s pulse, culture, milestones, content, individual departments, revenue, business development, & more.

What's inside:

•  100+ Tools to Help You Run Your Business From One Place

•  Systems for Every Segment of Your Startup

•  Growth + Business Development Framework

•  Partnerships CRM

•  Boilerplate, Pre-Drafted Templates For Cold Emails (cross-promotion, sponsorship, corporate partnerships, and more!)

• Comes equipped with integrations ready for you to connect and active databases to keep your processes in flow.

…Plus a lot more!



Does BuilderOS work on the free version of Notion?

Yup. Once you've made the purchase, you’ll receive a link to duplicate this to your Notion workspace. You don't need the Pro plan to use it.

Is there a refund policy?

Yep! If you feel like BuilderOS hasn't provided you with any value, reach out within the first 30 days and I will refund you in full.

Can I duplicate this database to share with my friends?

This is a personal license for singular use (meant for ONE team), so that’ll be a no, my dude.

Have a question?

Send me a DM on Twitter @erinrkirk


You'll get immediate access to the workspace following payment. If you have any questions regarding access, please reach out to me via Twitter DM: @erinrkirk

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